America’s First War Plane Will Fly Again

The Mission

The DH4 Liberty is an icon; the definitive symbol of America’s first foray into aerial combat, flying in the face of a war that redefined our geopolitical reality. But time has forgotten what the Liberty has done for us.

We seek to change that.

The Mission

Help Us Rebuild Our Liberty V12 Engine

Pistons $300 ea (12 needed)

Rod Bearings $850 ea (6 needed)
7/16 Rod Bolts $65 ea (12 needed)
5/16 Rod Bolts $60 ea (24 needed)
Intake Valves $100 ea (12 needed)
Exhaust Valves $100 ea (12 needed)
Main-bearings Short $300 ea (6 needed)


Meet Our Team Leaders

  • Wood

    Dorian Walker
  • Metal

    Gary Wickliff
  • Wings

    Steve Sachs
  • Rigging

    Jon Foote
Team Members

Team Members

Myron Callaham, Engineering Consulting
Blake Henderson, Wingbuilding
Joe Luedenburg, Master Mechanic
Bryan O’Sullivan, Plans Interpretation & Woodworking
Terry Terrance, Vintage Upholstery
Mark Van Meter, Fabrication
Richard Weaker, Master Woodworking

How Can I Help?

Whether you’re a skilled tradesman or an individual with a drive to help, anyone can do their part to revive the legacy of the Liberty.
Volunteering requires no experience or knowledge, only the will to help; anyone can find a place on the team.


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